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Lord Balaji Maharaj
Thousands of devotees of Lord Shri Balaji comes every day to Mehandipur Balaji to pay homage. It is the belief that lord Shri Balaji not only cure the “sankat” but also provide “riddi and Siddi”.

As the legend goes, around 1000 years ago the images of lord Shri Balaji, Shri Pretraj Sarkar and Shri Bhairav dev appeared in the valley of the hills of Arawali range.
The appearance of Lord Shri Balaji in Arawali hills is chamatkar of this saga. Shri Ganesh Puri ji Maharaj was 11th Mahant of this temple. Earlier this area was thick and dense forest, full of wild animals. The ancestor of Shri Mahantji saw the lila of Shri Balaji in dreams indicating three divine deity and magnificent temple. He also heared divine voice ordering “get up and be prepared for my duty”. But he was unable to see any one. Ultimately Lord Shri Balaji appeared before him and Pretraj Sarkarordered ”Take duty of serving me”.

The ancestor of Shri Mahantji started puja and arti regularly. In early days of puja some miscreants tried to dig out the deity but they could not reach the bottom of the statue as it is the part of the hill “ Kanak Bhoodharakar Shareera”. There is small pot in feet of deity . The water in this pot never dries due to continuous flow of water from left side of chest of statue of lord Shri Balaji .

Shri Bhairovji Maharaj

On reaching Mehandipur Balaji the people come to know how malignant/ evil sprit and black magic cast their spell and how the sankatwalas get relief/cured from sprits and ills.
The disciples are advised not to be fooled by sants and fakirs but contact pujariji in his office.
Do's and Dont's

The disciples and Sankawalasare advised to contact Enquiry office for
information required.

During the festive season & Mela please maintain discipline, wait patiently
and coordinate with trust authorities.

Please Treat Sankatwalas humbly.

Bath, bear fresh clothes, be in queue & chant Jai Shri Balaji-2 while
for Darshan.

Leave the children at home/dharmshala/hotel as they may urinate etc in
temple area and make place untidy. Lying/playing is not allowed in
temple premises.

The people are not allowed to enter in Girbh Grigh area of temple.
Offerings/Prasadam should be handed over to Pujariji.

For offerings ‘Sawamani’, ‘Bhandara’, Bhramin Bhojan’, ‘Hawan’, ‘Chola to
Deity’ , etc please contact Trust office in temple premises.

Disciples are intimated that entry in inhabited state or after smoking is
totally banned.

Ladies, insane and evil spirited person must be accompanied by a attendant.

Spiritual water after arti of Lord Shri Balaji shall be obtained with discipline
and calm.

Taking photograph of deities and Sankatwalas is prohibited.

Insane and evil spirited person are cured by blessings of lord Shri Balaji.
The attendant must take the help of representative of trust for cure/relief
of sankat. The disciples are advised not to contact Sanyasies and fakirs etc
for this purpose.

No trusty/self worker is supposed to take any favour from the devotees.

If any person faces harassment from any employee or self worker of trust.
Please lodge a complain in office of Shri Balaji trust.



Balaji maharaj
Hanuman Baal Roop
Hanuman Baal Roop
Shri Pretraj Sarkar
Shri Pretraj Sarkar
Shri Bhairav maharaj
Sita Ram
Shri Balaji Maharaj

How to Reach

The temple is located on Jaipur Agra highway in Dausa district of Rajasthan. Its distances from various places are
Delhi 270kms Jaipur 100Kms Agra 140 Kms
Alwar 100Kms Bharatpur 80 Kms Dausa 40 Kms
Bandikui 27Kms Hindaun city 37 Kms Mahavir ji 49 Kms

BusRoad- The Mehandipur Balaji is well connected with above cited stations There is very frequent service of buses on Agra Jaipur highway. The journey can be performed by car from Delhi either via Alwar-Mahwa or Mathura-Bharatpur-Mahwa.

Rail- Agra, Jaipur, Alwar , Bharatpur and Dausa are well connected with train route from where bus service is available for Mehndipur Balaji.

AirplaneAir- Delhi, Jaipur, Agra are well connected with Air. The rest of the journey is to be performed by car, bus,or rail & bus.


Shri Balaji Maharaj Ghata Mehandipur Trust
Village: Ghata, Mehandipur
District: Dausa

Phone: +91 1420 247015, 247016



  1. very informative post. thanks for the piece of writing..
    Jai hon bala ji maharaj.. Get more information about it here.

  2. Everything is nice in bala ji but the pandit of pretraj sarkar 2014 nick name "bittu"belong to puri pariwar is very quarrelling nature and always fight with the people who are in "sankat". I requested to mahant kishore puri ji that take appropriate action against the "bittu puri"

  3. Nice to read about your trip. Dedicated to Lord Balaji, an incarnation of Hanuman, the Mehandipur Balaji Temple in Dausa is one of the most popular pilgrim sites in Rajasthan, apart from Salasarji Temple in Sikar and Khatu Shyam Ji Temple in Khatu Village

  4. kindly visit once to get complete and accurate details of Mehandipur Bala Ji Dham

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